Changes on the forum!

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Changes on the forum!

Post by Plunkie on Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:07 pm

Lets try this for a 5th time.
I still want to get this forum going.
So here's the 5th try.
Please tell your friends about this forum, don't let the Green Day banner scare you.
This is NOT only a Green Day forum.
This is a place i want people who doesn't want to be on forums that's over crowded, specially with rude people.
What inspired me to do this forum in the first place was a then friend name Jimmy.
His forum was the best forum ever but it got out of hand and he's now joined up with GDA.
I want that small community back that we once had, but unlike him, i will be in controll of it.
I will make sure it doesn't get out of hand ( if this forum ever goes that big ).
I'll do my best.
I miss being on a forum.
Forum is awesome sauce.
So again, Lets try raise this forum back from the grave.
Like a sexy Zombie.
:3 kay?
kay :3 cheers

I will do my best to pimp this place up again, maybe a new banner or.. whatever, new background. We'll see. I'll do an update on that as well :3

EDIT: i tried changing the background but apparently i'm not allowed D: SAD FACE
2011 - 09 - 01

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